Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Kid on the Block

So, I guess I'm sort of the new kid.
I've never really blogged before, mainly because I wasn't sure what the point was. But lately I've just been having an urge to get some ideas/thoughts/ponderings out into the world and 'Blog' seemed to fit the bill. A little bit about me; I enjoy photography, writing, reading, listening to music (which is not classical by the way; normally it's a little bit of Nickelback, Rihanna, Corb Lund, etc. I have a weird array of music in my iPod at the moment), and I suppose I have a bit of a passion for controversial topics.
I remember a debate for a social studies class I took once, it was about whether the United States was justified in taking its own stand in world matters, or whether it should have stuck with the United Nations policies. I can't remember now the finer details, but we were given several topics to research/defend/argue. I was on the United States side.
I remember that I didn't really agree with the US arguments made by my team, but I remember some famous guy whose name has escaped me once said something along the lines of 'A good debator can argue for the other side'. Or something.
In the end, I found that I had a very grey area postition on the whole matter; I believed that the United Nations was doing a good job about keeping the world from a WWIII, but I also believed that in order for there to be true world peace, there has to be peace within borders as well. Because the UN can't legally enter into a sovereign state's affairs without the term 'genocide' being used, then maybe it was a good idea that someone like the US get involved, if there's people dieing. I don't know; this was just a high school debate. We barely scratched the surface of world affairs.
That's why I think it would be a good idea to get things down; maybe some input would be nice too. Whatever happens, I'm hoping it will shed some interesting theories on things...